Everybody and Every Body can get fit and strong


The Inclusifit Method

 I am all about Inclusive Fitness Training for people of all ages and all abilities.


Let’s be honest. Exercise is not optional. It’s a requirement for a healthy life. The research is clear. Everybody needs to exercise…and regularly.

And my workouts– uniquely tailored for all body types and body conditions - make that not just possible…but fun. Young, old or in between; able bodied or living with a physical, mental or developmental disability, my workouts will make you fitter, firmer, stronger…and happier


The Inclusifit Experience

My philosophy towards exercise is simple: Exercise is medicine and the side effects are only positive ones; stronger muscles, stronger bones, stronger heart, stronger mind. 

My strategies to get you fit are simple too: no expensive equipment, no fancy gadgets;  using minimal equipment for maximum results; from resistance bands to rubber tubing, from hand weights and weighted balls to the cheapest and most convenient piece of exercise equipment ever made -  your own body! 

I work with clients who ambulate on two feet or wheel around town on four wheels; from clients who whisk about with a walker, to those who don’t move much at all. I creatively design and tailor my workout based on my clients' abilities.  I keep my workout fun and challenging at the same time.  Everyone is different but everyone can get fitter and stronger regardless of physical ability or skill level. That’s the Inclusifit Experience.  

Because Everybody and Every Body 

Can Get Fit and Strong 

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About Me

My bow tie says it all. I am a different kind of personal trainer. I came to embrace a fitness lifestyle in my middle adult years, after experiencing the profound changes it made to my health and wellness. The improvements I saw in my physical and mental well-being were so positive, I decided to change careers and leave my work in the field of social services and devote my professional life to helping people get in shape, and experience new levels of physical and mental well-being through the power of physical fitness.   


My Background

As a 20 year veteran of the fitness industry, I bring an extensive background in working with diverse clients from a wide range of skills, interests, ages and abilities.  Certifications:

  • Certified Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise (ACE) 
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) - National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Certified Nordic Pole Walker - Nordixx Pole Walking
  • Master’s Degree in Health Education and Health Promotion - The University of Texas at Austin



Speaking Engagements:

  • Corporate Wellness Speaker - Cineplex Odeon,  Equitable Bank, Fasken Martineau Law Firm, Intact Insurance, Osler Law Firm, Seneca College, Sunnybrook Hospital,  Toronto Community Housing Corporation, Toronto Public Library
  • Annual Presenter - Canfitpro World Fitness Expo, Toronto


  • Adjunct Professor – Fitness and Health Promotion, Humber College, Toronto
  • Adjunct Professor – Durham College, Toronto

Looking to transform your life? Let me help you!

I love helping people transform their lives and reach their fitness goals.  I can help you at my gym, or the convenience of your home or condo gym.

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"Excellent Fitness Instructor!" ~ Marcia Bell

Lorne is an excellent fitness instructor! I have taken several of his ten-week sessions in Abs, Back, and Co. Lorne clearly described and illustrated the exercises he asked us to do and he always chose exercises that would strengthen and condition our abs and core. As well, Lorne’s great sense of humour made the classes very enjoyable. Lorne is very attentive to each individual in his fitness classes and he makes sure that we are doing the exercises safely and correctly. I highly recommend Lorne as a great fitness instructor!

"Fun and Challenging Class" ~ Dina Papalopoulos

I enjoyed the fitness class with Lorne.  It was challenging and he is a good instructor. He makes teaching fun.  You feel that he really cares about you because he makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly and according to your own ability.  I will definitely join his  next class

"Knowledgeable and encouraging" ~ Roni Abrahamsohn

Lorne is an excellent trainer!  He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and
encouraging.  He can customize a training program to individual needs even in a group
situation. He combines physical training with mental health training.
He is caring with a sense of humour that keeps the environment light and enjoyable.  I can highly recommend Lorne to anyone interested in getting fit!

"Unique exercises, helped my back pain!" ~ Lynn D.

Lorne’s classes are unique as the exercises he taught us for strengthening core muscles are designed to also protect our backs. Since doing these exercises I have not had a relapse of my back pain and I credit that to being individually coached in proper methods and form. Lorne ensures everyone in the class is challenged at their own level... but in a safe way....and with a sense of humour! Thank you Lorne.

"Energetic and Superb Instructor" ~ Mahrukh Soparivala

I found the Abs/Back/Core class to be quite useful in that the various postures and core strengthening exercises, which I continue to practice, were well explained and helped me understand their benefits.  Lorne is an energetic and superb instructor – the classes were well structured, making them interesting and (with a touch of his humour)  a fun activity.  Thank you, Lorne.

"Improved my strength, balance and coordination" ~ Phil B.

Lorne Opler has been my personal trainer for in-pool training since March of 2013.  He has been imaginative and creative in developing a program for me to improve my mobility, with the goal of enabling me to walk again following serious neck surgery. His work has aided my progress in improving my strength, balance, and coordination.

Upcoming Events


Canfitpro Natural Physique Championship - competing in the Men's Over 40 category

1pm - 2pm

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Expo Hall

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Canfitpro Natural Physique Championship - competing in the Men's Over 40 category

1pm - 2pm

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Expo Hall


Canfitpro 2019 Conference - Motivational Interviewing

8am - 9:15am

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Canfitpro 2019 Conference - Motivational Interviewing

Come learn about the Proven Counseling Technique to Help Clients Overcome Barriers to Success

8am - 9:15am

Metro Toronto Convention Centre


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