Personalized in-home fitness coaching that makes it easy for you to achieve your fitness goals.



Let me help you transform yours from the convenience of your own home or condo gym.


My philosophy towards exercise is simple, “Move it and you’ll feel better.” There is nothing better for our bodies and our minds than exercise. Exercise is medicine. It helps every part of our body and can improve every condition we live with. What other medicine comes with side effects like stronger muscles, stronger bones, stronger heart and better balance? None. That’s why I love personal training, and why I’ve devoted my professional career to helping, coaching and inspiring my clients to move it and feel better

As a 20 year veteran of the fitness industry, I bring an extensive background in working with diverse clients from a wide range of skills, interests, ages and abilities.


My Story

My bow tie says it all. I am a different kind of personal trainer. I came to embrace a fitness lifestyle in my middle adult years, after experiencing the profound changes it made to my health and wellness. The improvements I saw in my physical and mental wellbeing were so positive, I decided to change careers and leave my work in the field of social services and devote my professional life to helping people get in shape, and experience new levels of physical and mental wellbeing through the power of physical fitness.

My Background

Certified Personal Trainer – ACE: American Council on Exercise

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) – National Strength and Conditioning Association

Master’s Degree in Health Education and Health Promotion – The University of Texas at Austin

Adjunct Professor – Fitness and Health Promotion – Humber College and Durham College, Toronto

Contributing Writer – Muscle and Fitness magazine

Corporate Wellness Speaker – my clients include: Cineplex Odeon, Sunnybrook Hospital, Fasken Martineau Law Firm, Osler Law Firm, Equitable Bank, Seneca College, Intact Insurance, The Toronto Public Library, Toronto Community Housing Corporation and Diamond Schmidt Architects

Annual Presenter – Canfitpro World Fitness Expo, Toronto


Gain strength and build muscle through resistance training, including use of dumbbells, stretch bands and even your own body weight. My exercise programs emphasize total body strength and conditioning.

Through my collaboration with physiotherapists and other back rehab specialists. I provide effective, proven and safe rehab exercises to aid in your back recovery and assist in the maintenance of your back health.

I bring a depth of knowledge and experience in creating safe, appropriate and effective workouts geared for chronic medical conditions. I will work with your medical care team to ensure that all my exercise programs are in accordance with your health care professionals’ treatment.

Incorporating both strength and cardiovascular training, Pole Walking is especially good for people seeking a gentler way to exercise the entire body. Easy to learn and easy to do, yet is more effective and burns more calories than regular walking.

Think pool workouts are too easy? Think again because my strength training sessions in the pool can challenge you as much as a weight room workout. You not only develop muscular strength, but due to the buoyancy of the water, pool workouts are superior for building core strength, cardio endurance, balance, stability and coordination. All in one workout.


Phil B

Lorne Opler has been my personal trainer for in-pool training since March of 2013. He has been imaginative and creative in developing a program for me to improve my mobility, with the goal of enabling me to walk again following serious neck surgery. His work has aided my progress in improving my strength, balance, and coordination.

Jim K

With a combination of perseverance and patience, Lorne manages to get me to perform exercises at higher levels than I thought I could possibly do.

Anne A

Lorne’s coaching has been very helpful in many ways. For example, I now feel much more supple and unlike before, I seldom trip. I look forward to practicing the exercises because he so clearly describes and even provides sketches of each one. Because Lorne comes to my home , it is much easier for me to find time for lessons.